You can do certain actions to images for any invoice regardless of it's status (editable or otherwise) at any time.
Actions that can be taken for images at any time include: rotating left and right, adding pages & moving pages. You can DELETE pages ONLY when an invoice is editable (statuses: New/IP/Rejected/Reset).
 To Rotate invoice images in Beanworks:

  • Click on the invoice so that there is a blue frame around the image(s) you want to edit

  • Multiple images can be selected at one time by holding the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard & clicking on each image

  • You can also choose to select all images, or select none by clicking on the check box in the image tool bar

  • Once your invoice image(s) have been selected, an additional tool bar will appear next to the checkbox with the rotate button. Use these buttons to rotate your pages.

  • In order to ensure your changes are retained, click the save button in the tool bar above your image(s)

To change the order of the pages (invoice or back up):

Select the page you would like to move by left clicking once on the image; multiple pages can be moved at once by selecting them as well using 'Ctrl' on your keyboard while you click with your mouse. Selected images will appear with a blue frame (see above).
Hold your left click button and drag your image to the desired location. A yellow placeholder page will appear to alert you as to where the new destination for the moved page(s) will be.

Release your mouse button once pages are in place.

Don't forget to 'Save' any changes made.

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