If a user locks an invoice on the Create tab, it means that only that user can see those invoices. Locked status is indicated by checking the box beside invoices in the Create tab. When a user leaves the Create tab, they are prompted to unlock all the invoices to ensure they get processed properly and so that other users can see them again.
The lock feature means that only one person can work on invoices at a time, and ensure invoices in progress aren't changed or overridden accidentally by another user.
Here is a screen shot to illustrate locked vs unlocked invoices:

To unlock an invoice, simply uncheck the box beside the invoices by clicking on the check mark. To unlock all of the invoices in the Open tab, click the check box next to column header “user” twice (once will check all, second click will uncheck all).

Invoices that are locked can not be accessed by our overnight coding team, and they will not be able to code them.

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