In BeanworksAP, invoice pages can be rearranged and removed in the Create tab before an invoice is created or is left for the overnight auto capture process to happen.

To remove pages from an invoice in the Create tab:

  • Go the invoice line with the pages you wish to delete.

  • You can use the scroll bar at the top to zoom to a desirable level where all pages can be viewed.

  • Click on the page you wish to delete; a blue line will appear around each page you want to change. You can hold 'ctrl' on your keyboard while you click with your mouse to choose multiple pages at one time so that multiple pages have a blue line around them.

  • Use the delete (trash can) icon to remove pages as desired.

  • Press the 'Save' button.

It is important to click the save button in order to ensure your changes are retained before moving to another task or action.

Please note any images deleted at this stage are permanently removed from Beanworks.

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