To Create and Code Purchase Order (PO)
 1. Before a PO has been approved, it is called a Purchase Requisition (PR). To create a PO, go to the PO Create tab.

 2. Code the PR on the header fields and line item fields. Use the wildcard option to find your items by typing specific search term(s) that appears anywhere in a name, or title.

Please fill out your line items table after completing the PR details. Depending on your PR, you can also add or remove rows of line items. There is also an option to split your line item rows into equal parts by rows or percentages.

3. Beanworks also has the option for adding in extra images or pages onto your PR. Once those extra documents have been added, you can reorder, rotate, or delete those pages in your PR.

4. If you'd like to come back to code the PR, select Save. Once you're happy with the coding, submit the PR for approval and its status would change to PA or Pending Approval.

 4. When your PR becomes fully approved, it's status will turn into PO. You will now be able to match this PO to an invoice.

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