This feature is for Line Item Capture, a part of our SmartCapture initiative. You can learn more about SmartCapture here. If you are interested in enabling Line Item Capture for your company, please reach out to support@beanworks.com.


This feature will allow our artificial intelligence-enabled data capture to summarize multiple invoice lines into one line. This can be enabled on a vendor-by-vendor basis, or for all vendors at once.


Currently, Line Item Capture will capture the line information of an invoice. Each line will be split out based on the invoice image.

With Summarize Captured Lines enabled, multiple invoice lines will be summarized into one line.

To enable Summarize Captured Lines, please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select List Management

  • Select the Vendor List

  • Click Edit on the vendor you would like to have summarized invoice lines

  • Click on the Summarize Captured Lines

This feature requires a description to be added when enabling it. This description will be used by default during the invoice coding process. You can overwrite this description when coding the invoice if needed.

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