To create a new legal entity in Beanworks you'll need to be a System Administrator with Root Org Unit access. In Settings -> General you'll find the Legal Entities section:

Here you'll find a list of any exist Legal Entities you've created to date. To add a new Legal Entity simply select the Add New button:

You'll need to fill out the following information before you can save the new entity:

  • Business Legal Entity Name

  • Doing Business As (DBA) - Operating Name of the Company if different from Legal Name. If this doesn't apply keep "Save as business name" checked!

  • Company Type - Legal Structure of the Company, select "Other" if none listed apply.

  • Time Zone - Which time zone the legal entity operates within.

Please note: The Business Legal Entity and/or the Doing Business As name will be used by our SmartCapture technology to correctly identify which legal entity an Invoice will be coded too if you operate with multiple Legal Entities in Beanworks.


  • User are unable to DELETE Legal Entities at this time. If you would like to remove any Legal Entities that you have created, or if you've made a mistake please contact our support team to correct.

Once saved your new Legal Entity will be appear in the list of Legal Entities. We highly advise that you complete the Integration setup before you start processing Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment or Expenses .

Next Step: Setting up the new Legal Entity's ERP Integration

Guide: How to setup a Legal Entity's ERP Integration.

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