Firewall Setup

SmartSync is an SFTP client (data transfer), as well as an HTTPS client (authentication). Connections are always initiated by the client, reaching out from your server, to our infrastructure.

Configuration Information (Network/Perimeter Firewall)

Please follow the guidelines of your firewall provider for enabling a client machine on your network to reach out to external servers, allowing traffic with the following criteria:


  • 22000 (SFTP/TCP)

  • 443 (HTTPS/TCP)

Destination Domains:



Note: Our SFTP servers are not hosted with a static IP, and need to be resolved through DNS.

Configuration Information (Host Firewall)

If you need to configure a host firewall, in addition to the above information, you can scope these rules specifically for the applications and services we install, named below.

Applications to Allow:

  • SmartSyncManager (443)

  • SmartSync Connector (22000)

Services to Allow:

  • SmartSyncPollingService (443)

  • SmartSyncConnectorService (22000)

Firewall Setup - Auto-Updater

Please ensure that the following domains allow 443 (HTTPS/TCP) traffic to enable our AutoUpdater to determine if your SyncTool requires updating:,

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