As you continue to update your vendors, sometimes you come across a vendor that is no longer in use. To delete a vendor in Beanworks please go through the following steps:

Important Note: Do not delete the vendor in your ERP before completing the steps below. The subsequent sync will not be able to recognize the record as "deleted" and will not mark the vendor as inactive in Beanworks.

  • Mark the vendor as inactive in ERP

  • Initiate a sync - a backdated sync is recommended as it reduces sync time

  • Allow time for the sync to complete and the updated files to transfer

  • Check in Beanworks to ensure that the vendor has been deactivated.

To check whether or not the vendor is deactivated, go into List Management in the settings page. Select the correct Legal Entity, and set the list as "Vendor". Select the "Inactive" box and type in the Vendor name. You will notice that active Vendors will show up in black while the inactive ones will be greyed out.

To learn more about how to run backdated syncs check out our article about Last Synced Dates (Link

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