Beanworks has partnered with CSI (Corporate Spending innovation) to provide virtual credit cards (vcc) to its US customer base.


  • Your legal entity / company is enabled for VCC. If you would like to learn more about VCC, please email beanpay@beanworks.com or reach out to your customer success manager.

  • You have submitted vendor AP Spend for the previous year to our payment partner (CSI). Please note, CSI requires the vendor information to be submitted in a particular format, details of which will be provided during the on-boarding.


STEP 1: On-boarding / Setup with CSI

In order to complete the setup with CSI, you need to provide the following information -

  1. CSI Services Agreement Sheet

  2. ACH Debit Authorization

STEP 2: Vendor Master List Match

After you have submitted the vendor list, CSI will match the vendors in your list to their master vendor database. This is done so that the vendors that CSI knows will accept virtual credit cards, can be enrolled directly, without having to reach out to the vendor. For the rest of the vendors, CSI will conduct a vendor campaign.

STEP 3: Vendor On-boarding

With CSI, vendors are enrolled under your account with CSI and the vendor information is send to Beanworks, which means that vendors are automatically enabled for virtual credit cards and you don't have to enable them manually. Please note, you don't have the ability to enable or disable the vendor on the UI.

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