The expense module is available to a selected few customers. If you are interested to learn more, please email product@beanworks.com or reach out to your customer success manager. Receipt management is not a separate module, but is part of the expense module.


  • The ability to enter negative amount for the receipt

  • The ability to enter taxes on the receipt.


STEP 1: Upload receipt image and capture receipt data

1.a) Receipt can be uploaded either by directly clicking on the camera icon on the home page or by going into the expense section of the mobile app.

If you choose to directly use the camera, please make sure that you allow Beanworks to access your camera or you can select an existing picture from your phone's library.

If you upload the receipt by directly clicking on the camera icon, the app will confirm if you are uploading a receipt or an invoice. Please note this confirmation will be needed only if you have access to both the expense and invoice module.

1.b) Capture receipt data

Once the invoice image has been uploaded, the receipt data can be captured.

Select a legal entity

Select one of the existing open reports or create a new report

If you choose to create a new report, you will be asked to enter the new report name.

Please note a receipt with multiple line items is also supported. Click on 'Add Line Item.

STEP 2: View all receipts

Receipts in different statuses (incomplete, unreported, complete) can be viewed.



User has the option to delete a receipt. Please note, when you delete the receipt both receipt image and data will be deleted.

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