This add on is available for download on G Suite Marketplace. Please note, in order to use this add on, you should be using gmail. You can go to G Suite Marketplace and search for Beanworks.


With this add-on,

  • There is no need to convert an invoice embedded in the body of an email into a pdf attachment, before emailing the invoice image into Beanworks.

  • You can directly access Beanworks login page, website and university, from within your gmail account.


STEP 1) Go to G Suite Marketplace, search for Beanworks.

STEP 2) Open the app and click on install.

STEP 3) Choose the gmail account you have to install the add on for.

STEP 4) Allow access and the add on will be installed.

Once the add on has been installed, you can see a Beanworks logo on the right bar in your gmail.


STEP 1) Setup the email forward address. By default the add on will pick the auto capture email address you have setup for Beanworks.

You have the option to override the email address. Click on the 'Override Email Address'.

Enter the new email address and click on Submit.

STEP 2) Send the invoice to Beanworks.

Please Note, it is mandatory for the email which has the embedded invoice to be open. Else, you will not be able to use the add-on.


If you click on the three dots, you have the option to directly access the following :

The add on is also available on Beanworks mobile app.

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