• You must be a system administrator for your company / legal entity in Beanworks. 

  • You must have access to your Rent Manager account and be able to access the admin panel. 

  • If you have multiple rent manager companies, ensure that you can access all the companies as an admin user. 


1. In Rent Manager 

Once you've logged into Rent Manager go to the Admin panel. Here click on the Available Integrations icon under the Integrations Area

Type "Beanworks" into the Search field, once Beanworks is returned in the search, click on the "Request Activation" button. 

2. Rent Manager "Endpoint"
To find the rent manager end point, take the following steps: 

a. Locate the Rent Manager icon on the desktop
b. Right click and select the “edit” option
c. Note the field/ endpoint for your computer name (ex. "")

3. In Beanworks

Please contact your Customer Success Manager, provide them the above end point and they will activate your Rent Manager and Beanworks connection. Once the connection has been authorized, the CSM will preform a sync and complete the setup steps with you. (CSM will replace the 'rmo' with 'api' on the end point to complete the connection). 

Please note, if you have multiple companies (Rent Manager entities), the above steps will need to be completed for each legal entity. 

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