In the Beanworks Purchase Order Module, the user first creates a Purchase Requisition, which can be submitted for approval. Once approved, the Purchase Requisition becomes a Purchase Order. The Purchase Order then can be sent to the vendors and can be drawn from until it is closed.

To differentiate between a Purchase Requisition and a Purchase Order,  text has been added at the top of the Purchase Order image template. (pdf). 

The Purchase Order image and PDF template will display "Purchase Requisition - Pending Approval,"  until the Purchase Requisition is approved. 

After the Purchase Requisition is fully approved, the Purchase Order image and PDF template will display the text "Purchase Order." This indicates that it is fully approved and ready to be sent to the vendors and be drawn from when matched to invoices. 

This has been added to provide visibility to both the user and the vendor, in case a Purchase Requisition which is pending approval is used to place the order with the vendor.

This feature is available by default to all Beanworks customers, however, if you do not wish to use this feature, please reach out to our support team by using "Get Help" from within our software and request for the feature to be disabled. 

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