SageAPA utilizes the Sage 100 ProvideX library in order to connect to Sage 100 and pass data back and fourth. This error means that the Sync Tool wasn't able to initialize the library and the sync failed as a result.

It's possible that this was a ultimate failure where Sage 100 cannot communicate a sync error back to Beanworks either. So your entire batch may not have been sync'd into Sage 100 and may not appear as Sync Errors in SageAPA. 


Typically restarting Sage 100 is all that is needed for the error to stop. Restart Sage 100 and sync again to see if the error is now resolved. Be sure to keep an eye to see if the invoice's you originally synced are in Sage 100.  

If you've run the sync and are still missing either some or all invoices from the sync. Please delete the batch where you only have some of the invoices you exported. Undo the export in Beanworks, reexport the invoices and sync again. 

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