What Data is Transferred?

Once Beanworks and your Rent Manager database(s) are connected, the data transfer happens easily through the Rent Manager's API. 

For each Rent Manager company connection the integration syncs vendors, accounts, properties, units, payment terms and payments from Rent Manager into Beanworks: 

The integration also transfers approved and exported invoices from Beanworks to Rent Manager.

When does Beanworks and Rent Manager Transfer Information?

There are two ways to transfer lists from Rent Manager to Beanworks. Please note that as soon as you export invoices from Beanworks, they will appear within a few minutes in your Rent Manager.


Every 1 hour, Beanworks automatically connects to your Rent Manager and receives any new list information. Such as new vendors, deactivated accounts, etc.  

On Command

If a list item is added or modified, and you want to update Beanworks immediately with that information, a system administrator can go into Beanworks Settings → ERP Management → and press the sync button. Within 5 - 10 minutes, Beanworks will be updated with the new/updated data. 


Invoices exported from Beanworks to Rent Manager are transferred immediately. 

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