What Data is Transferred?

Once Beanworks and your datafile(s) are connected, the data transfer happens easily through the sync tool.

For each Quickbooks database, Beanworks connects to your QB profile and transfers Vendors, Accounts, Items, Customer Jobs, Classes, Purchase Order and Payment data.

We send all approved and exported AP Transactions from Beanworks into Quickbooks which are then ready for you to manage.

When does Beanworks and Beanworks Transfer Information?

There are two ways to transfer information from Beanworks to Quickbooks Desktop.

Important Note: Quickbooks must be running (doesn't have to be logged in) in order for a sync to commence.

On Command
: The Sync Tool has the ability to sync data between Quickbooks and Beanworks on command. This functionality allows you to sync important data whenever you need to by pressing the “Sync” button on the sync tool. Quickbooks does not need to be open or logged in as the admin user after the initial sync. 

Scheduler: Currently the new sync tool cannot sync via scheduler. Unfortunately we discovered that Quickbooks doesn't allow windows services to access it. This is preventing the tool from connecting and syncing. Our engineers are looking at alternatives at this point.

Please remove any scheduled syncs from the scheduler until we reach out to you advising that we've found and implementation a new solution. 

Successful Syncing Tips

It's possible you could get a sync error when syncing invoices or payments into Quickbooks such as "your application cannot access QB until the user dismisses the dialog box". There are certain windows or dialog boxes which appear in QB, these dialog's prevent our tool for performing actions while they're open.

To avoid this situation preform syncs with Quickbooks logged into the company and only have the Home screen open, making sure all other windows/dialog boxes are closed.

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