How does Sage APA Integrates with Sage 300?

Sage APA integrates seamlessly with Sage 300 using our Sage APA Sync Tool.

Sync Tool Installation Location

The Sync Tool must be installed where you access Sage 300.  For example, if you open Sage 300 from your desktop the tool will need to be installed directly on your computer. If you access Sage 300 from a remote desktop then the tool will need to be to be installed on the remote computer.

Pre-Installation Instructions / Checklist

  • You have the username and password to log into Beanworks / Sage APA and you are a System Administrator for your company within the system.

  • You can log into your Sage 300 databases/companies as the Administrator.  

  • You have the SFTP username and password provided to you from the Sage APA team.

  • You are accessing Beanworks / Sage APA with either Firefox or Chrome when completing the installation steps. 

  • You have the correct User Permissions to install the sync tool on your desktop or remote desktop environment. If not, please ensure someone with those permissions helps you complete the installation. 

  • If possible, create a Sage 300 user specifically for the tool to use. When you creating a user please ensure you're giving the tool full access to the company under User Authorizations.

  • Logged into Sage as the Administrator go to AP Options -> Options and on the Processing tab, ensure Allow Edit of Imported Batches is checked. 

Otherwise you'll received the following error when you import transactions into Sage 300 for the first time. 

Once you've reviewed and completed the pre-installation steps please continue to the Sage 300 - Sync Tool Installation & Connection Guide

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