If you received the following error when running the sync tool:

Then it's possible Sage 50 CA was updated to a newer version recently. Once updated the SDK (Software Developer Kit) which our tool must use to integrate with Sage 50 CA also updates to a newer version.
If you're unsure what version of Sage you're running, you can find out by going to "Help" -> "About Sage 50" in this dialog you should see the version number for example 2017.1 or 20178.1.

**If your Sage 50 CA has updated from 2017 to 2018 please review notes at the end of this article.**

In the sync tool on the "Integrations" tab you'll find a "Versions" drop down, simply select the version of Sage you're currently running and hit "Save" and "Sync" again.

If you do not see the version of Sage listed in the drop down please contact support as we made need to push an update your tool.

2018.0 or Higher

For clients who have upgraded to 2018.0 or might plan to do so soon, you will not automatically see 2018 versions in the drop down as stated above. With the update to 2018 we need any desktops or remote desktops with the tool installed to update to Microsoft's .NET 4.6.2 after the Sage 50 update is completed. Once completed please reach out to our support team and we'll arrange to push the update to the tool for you.

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