In Beanworks, a user can have multiple functions throughout the workflow. System Administrators have the ability to enable or restrict what functions each user can perform within the system.

Here is a brief description of our roles, defining the permissions each user will have within Beanworks.

NB: Please remember that in addition to assigning your users a role, if they are an invoice approver, they will also need to be added to the respective approval channels. Learn more about how to setup approval channels and how to edit approval channels.

User Role Definitions

  • Invoice Creator: Can create invoices by emailing them into the system, or uploading and coding

  • Invoice Coder: Is able to put data (such as coding details) on invoices before the invoice is submitted for approval

  • Invoice Approver: Approves invoices that are sent to them for approval

  • Invoice Super Approver: Is also an approver, but can also change coding on the invoice during the approval process

  • Invoice Exporter: Is able to export invoices out of BeanworksAP

  • Invoice Administrator: Has all of the above roles AND can see approval channels and can reset and delete invoices

  • System Administrator: Has all of the above roles AND has full access to the Settings area which includes: adding or modifying users, adding or editing approval channels, setting system defaults, and onboarding vendors in list management

  • Read Only:Has access to the In Progress, Export and Archived tab as well as full searching capabilities but has no access to modify anything in the system

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