While working in Beanworks there may be occasion when an invoice needs to be deleted. In order to delete an invoice from the system you must be the owner of the invoice first. If you find that the 'Delete Invoice' option is greyed out, this indicates that you are not the owner. You can change the ownership of an invoice by clicking in the name field and choosing your name from the list. Once you are the owner of the invoice, here are the steps to delete an invoice from the system:

  • Go to the details view of the invoice.

  • Click on the 'Actions' button on the right side of your screen.

  • Choose 'Delete'.

A box will pop up asking if you would like to send the invoices back to the Workspace or delete:

  • If you would like to delete the invoice choose 'Delete'.

  • If you would like to save the image in the system to create another invoice with click 'Move to Workspace'.

Should you find that you are still having trouble removing an invoice from the system after following the steps above, our support team would be happy to further assist you via email at support@beanworks.com or directly via phone at 1-877-959-2326 x 115

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