Invoice Exporting Criteria

Only fully approved invoices may be exported from Beanworks to your ERP. All fully approved invoices are located under 'Export' in the Invoices module.

From the list of invoices on the Export section, select the invoice you want to export by using the checkboxes, or by holding down the Ctrl or Shift button while you select invoices with your mouse. Once you have made your selection, click the “Actions” button on the top right corner, and choose 'Export'.
Once you select the correct export option, the selected invoices will change from A (approved) status to EX (exported) status, and will move from the Export tab to the Archived tab. The below section describes the three choices you have when you press the 'Export' button

Export PDF
Exporting invoices by selecting 'Export PDF' results in the generation of a PDF report which contains the coding information for each of the invoices exported. Exporting the PDF of the invoices is used primarily in two cases: 

  • You need the report to manually data enter the invoices from Beanworks into your ERP (for cases where we are not integrated with your ERP) 

  • The invoices you exported are already in your ERP, and/or you don’t want to send them into your ERP

Export Data
Exporting invoices by selecting 'Export Data' produces a data file which is used for electronically recreating the invoices in Beanworks in your ERP. What happens next depends on your ERP. You may be prompted to save the file which you then manually upload into your ERP. If there is a direct connection between Beanworks and your ERP the invoices are transferred to your ERP automatically.
Export Both 

Exporting invoices by selecting 'Export Both' produces both the data file as well as the PDF report as described above. In this case, the PDF report is used as a backup to the data file, so that users can check that what was exported from Beanworks is the same as what is imported into the ERP. This is the most common selection.

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