This invoice was been exported to Quickbooks already. Quickbooks is basically telling us that this invoice was already exported from Beanworks and sync'd into Quickbooks. While the invoice in Quickbooks may now have a different vendor, invoice number or other coding changes made to it as it's possible that someone may have changed the coding in Quickbooks after it was synced.
When you export invoices from Beanworks to Quickbooks the invoice is given a transaction id (TxnID) this id is sent back to Beanworks and applied to the invoice in Beanworks too. We use this id to match payment information sent back from Quickbooks to invoices in Beanworks or if you also use our payment module the TxnID it's also used to match payments made in Beanworks to the invoices in Quickbooks.
System Administrators and Invoice Administrators can check the Audit Log too see which actions that we're taken on the invoice and see if the invoice was reset, reexported and what other changes may have been made to the invoice.


There are two approaches to resolve this error, pick which ever makes the most sense for your bookkeeping/processes. 

Option 1
If you know which invoice in Quickbooks was originally exported, delete the invoice from Quickbooks and export and sync the invoice from Beanworks again.
Since the invoice with the same id has now been removed from Quickbooks than the newly exported invoice will be created in Quickbooks.
Option 2
Mark the invoice in Beanworks as exported, create a new invoice in beanworks with a different invoice number (so it doesn't error as duplicate).
You might want to use this option if you sent out a check for the invoice, noticed the error on the invoice and voided both the invoice and check. We also advise leaving a comment on both the old and new invoices so people understand why they're both in Beanworks.
How to mark an invoice as exported

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