This is a generic error that Quickbooks can send back to Beanworks. There are a few situations where you might get this error.

Typically you might get this error due to some incorrect coding on the invoice in Beanworks, so the coding would be the first place to check.
Case 1 - Line item description field may contain special characters such as (@#$% ). The line item description field has to be alphanumeric.
If you are adopting coding from imported purchase orders from QB, please ensure your PO creators don't enter special characters in the line item description as QB allows special characters on the PO line item description but not on the invoice line item description.
Case 2 - Date, Due Date, Inv Number, Vendor, Account or Item could be missing from invoice these are mandatory fields for our sync tool to create invoices. Make these fields mandatory in Beanworks so invoices cannot be submitted for approval with this information. Click here for a guide on setting mandatory fields in Beanworks. 

Case 3 - Missing account or item coding, if you're using "Accounts" and “Items” in Beanworks neither may be a mandatory field. Make sure the invoice coder has either item or accounts coded on the invoice if both are missing from any one of the line items the invoice will sync error.

Case 4 - Vendor , Account, Item, Class, Customer Job has been deleted or merged in QB and is still active in Beanworks. In the future, please deactivate list items rather than delete or merge them. If you delete or merge them, Quickbooks doesn't communicate this back to Beanworks so it remains active when you sync only.

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